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50% of care homes could go bust

It’s pretty scary to read articles in the media over the past week or so claiming that 50% of care homes could go bust if more money is not pumped into the system.

At Cura, as we continue our journey to turn Cura Homecare into reality it is hard to see just how we will compete for local authority contracts while sticking to our values and mission to pay market leading rates for our carers – to attract and retain the very best people for the job.

Granted we will be a Domiciliary care provider – but the same challenges remain.

The focus of our business will need to be on privately funded clients. But we must still lobby the Government and play our part to ensure more investment is made in providing proper care for our elderly.

You want my opinion? I’m a believer that squeezing down costs is a false economy. Perhaps if we took the view of ‘do things right, do things once’ and paid for a better standard of care then there would be less repeat visits, complaints and issues that ultimately make the provision of care more expensive.

Love to hear your views.


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