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The list is long to start a domiciliary care agency…

Preparing for our CQC submission the list of requirements is long. And you know what? I couldn’t be happier!

Some processes we go through day-to-day are lengthy and bureaucratic for what seems like no good reason.

However if you’re the one deciding who can, and cannot, provide care services to our more vulnerable members of society I for one am delighted the process is thorough. It makes sure only the truly committed are successful. And we certainly are that – committed.

So how are we getting on?

Looking at most common timescales we are looking like it will be at least April before we can bring Cura Homecare to the world – but we’re working hard.

Our current focus is preparing our list of policies and procedures. In true Cura style we want these to not only do their job brilliantly – we want them to be easy to read, written in plain English.

We’ve all been on the end of these kind of documents written badly. You read three pages and realise you’ve not understood a damn thing. Or is it just me?

We’re also on the hunt for our new business premises. We want a space that works really well for our team. Where our carers can come and connect regularly, for training, for information and of course for coffee!

But of we also want it to be easy to get to, with plenty of parking.

The search continues in the North Wiltshire and Chippenham area.

Speak soon.


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