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Home care could save you thousands

Oli having a swim

It's been a little while since my last post. Reason being we have been very focused on writing all our policies and proceedures for the launch of Cura Homecare. There's lots to do, but it's a very worthwhile process as it really makes you sit down and think through every single detail about your business, how you will operate efficiently and deal with a whole variety of situations.

Lots of late nights on this one but we're getting there.

So what else has been on my mind? The cost of care. Not domiciliary care specifically, but the price of care homes.

You see, where I walk our family dog (Oli) they have recently built a new care home. I must admit it looks pretty good and with lots of marketing material on and around the building I can see that fees to stay there are in excess of £800 per week. Per person! It's now more expensive to pay for a care home place than to send your child to Eton. That's eye watering!

And just imagine if you have elderly parents or grandparents who need a place together. You'll find yourself paying more than £80,000 a year!

I'm not going to sit here and say domiciliary care can be a indefinate substitute for residential care. Care homes have an important part to play in our care provision in this country. But I do believe there are ways you can keep your loved ones in their own homes, safely, for longer.

That is by partnering with a good home care provider and combining with some simple assitive technology.

Detail around different technologies will be a hot topic for another blog soon. But just think about this for now...

People want to stay in their own homes for as long as they can. Fact, right?

If you can extend, for a couple requiring care, their stay at home for even just an additional six months you'd be saving tens of thousands of pounds.

Why would you not do all that you can to keep them at home where they want to be?

Speak to you all again soon, in the meantime remember is still free and is always there to help you organise the care of your loved ones.



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