Cura Homecare - a partner in later life

Choosing a care provider is a big decision, and there are many factors to consider. If you choose Cura Homecare you can be comforted that:

  • We are an award winning provider, voted by our customers as one of the best providers in the country on;

  • Despite being one of the most highly rated providers in the country, our rates are extremely competitive. Although they may seem similar to others, we offer greater value because unlike many others:

    • we do not charge additional mileage costs;

    • we do not deduct travel time from the care you receive - meaning if you pay for an hour of care, you get an hour.* 

  • At Cura we know that living independently requires more than just personal care. That's why we offer a range of additional services that complement our care team and make us your trusted partner through later life (see below).


*Be careful of others who effectively pass travel time costs on to you by reducing the care time you receive. Many of our competitors will allocate a percentage of your care time to travel, typically around 16%. This will mean, of the hour of care you pay for, your will receive around 50 minutes contact time. They will tell you it is to avoid passing an additional cost to you, but we manage to pay all our carers in full for their mileage, travel and waiting time, complying with all working time directives, out of the hourly rate we charge.

Our handyman service can help with all those small jobs around the home and garden, from one off repairs to regular maintenance.


We started our own handyman service to make it really easy for our care customers to maintain their homes, which is a really important part of staying independent.


It can be really difficult and stressful to find tradespeople you can trust and who are prepared to do the small jobs. Becoming a Cura Homecare customer means, should you also need a little home maintenance, you have all the support you need in one place. Find out more.

Additional services available to our care customers...

We have also developed our Connect service, designed to keep you connected to the local community and to tackle potential isolation and loneliness.

Connect includes our telephone companionship and check-in service call packages as well as shopping and basic errand running.

Our Connect service may be for you if you don't yet need personal care, but may be starting to struggle getting out of the house on your own.

Positive aging includes proper planning and there are many important matters you may need help with but not know where to start. For example writing your will, arranging lasting power of attorney or discussing trusts.


That's why we have partnered with one of the country's most recognised and trusted brands in the Will Writing and Estate Planning profession, APS Legal to offer support to our customers should they need it at an accessible and affordable way. Find out more.


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